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Atlantic Shore Woodturners

an official charter of the American Association of Woodturners




Hundreds of years of experience!

Our club is roughly 80 members in size, with our members ranging from new to the craft to those who have been turning for decades! Our members are very engaged in helping each other out to learn new skills or techniques, so there is plenty of opportunities for you to benefit from this amazing wealth of knowledge!

Make it a point to come to a meeting - meet our members, and then join us!

Monthly Meetings

Our club meets once a month where we present different ideas and techniques to help members develop their skills. We often have hands on demonstrations lead by skilled turners from within the club, or by recognized professional turners. We focus on all levels of turners skills, from beginning to advanced turning techniques and presentations.

Seminars and Classroom training

Our club sponsors frequent knowledge sharing events and classes for turners of all levels. We rotate our subjects through all aspects of the craft, from tool selection, material types and benefits, and safety concerns. Our club members also offer one on one mentoring for advanced hands on skills development.

Loaner Library

Our club maintains an extensive library of videos and printed materials about the art and techniques of woodturning. Our members are welcome to borrow anything in our library collection, to bring it home and use it. Members may keep a library item for 30 days without fee.

Show and Tell!

Our members love to show the craft of creating amazing turnings! At each meeting, we set aside time for members to show something new or unique they have crafted and discuss it with all the members. We do this with special member challenges, where everyone tries to create the same item, or when we just open up the meeting to everyone to bring in a special piece to talk about. You will be amazed at the creativity of our members!